Auto Tissue Processor

Spin Tissue Processor STP 120


The Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 was created to satisfy the needs of each and every laboratory. The STP 120 is one of the most effective spin tissue processors ever thanks to its cutting-edge technology and unmatched processing technique. Its dominant position is supported by the more than 3.000 units installed worldwide.

A worldwide unique technique Tissue processing is a technique that uses alcohols to remove water from tissues and replace it with a medium that allows sectioning of tissue. Several methods are used to achieve this. Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 fulfills it in a patented and unique technique that combines several movements for the tissue to achieve perfect infiltration results. This is possible thanks to the world’s best spin processing method.

Technical Data Spin Tissue Processor STP 12

Power requirements Nominal voltage 100 – 120 V 220-240 V AC (± 10%) Network’s frequency 50/60 Hz Consumption 400 VA Fuses 115 V (2xT4A) 230 V (2xT2A) Battery Nickel-Cadmium 12 V 600 mA
Capacity Reagent stations Number of vessels 10 (9 if 3 paraffin baths are used) Volume per vessel 1,8 l Paraffin stations Number 2 (optionally 3) Volume 1,8 l Nominal voltage 24 V AC Nominal power per station 100 VA Temperature setting range 45 – 70 0C in 10C increments Overtemperature release 75 0C (± 4 0C) Cassette baskets Number of baskets 1 (optionally 2) Basket capacity 120 cassettes (optionally 240)
Programming Number of programs 10 (selectable) Infiltration time per station from 1 m to 90 h 59 m Rotational agitation selectable Shaking selectable Centrifuging time selectable Program start delay selectable without time limit
Dimensions Diameter 850 mm Height 500 – 700 mm Diameter of the roller’s circle 670 mm Weight Including packaging 130 kg Net (fully equipped) 70 kg
Technical Data Spin Tissue Processor STP 120
Optional equipment • Spiral support for a second cassette basket (double processing capacity) • Additional basket
• Additional paraffin bath (necessary when operating the processor with the two baskets) • Fume extraction system with active charcoal filter