Automated Electrolyte Analyzer

Reliable long-life electrode
Leadless assembled type ion-selective electrode made from imported materials is guaranteed for one year. Audicom is the first using overbooking of silver chloride electrode, which is eradicate the hidden dangers of early failure. All electrodes use particular full-closed technology so that electrode will not leak any more(particularly the reference electrode that is much easy to leak), which greatly improves electrode’s stability and prolongs its service life. Besides, electrode maintenance is finished automatically by instrument. This advanced technology is an important guarantee for Audicom electrode working in stable for long term, as well as for improving its life. Our electrode often works for more than 2 years or 5 years longer.


TCO2 electrode adopts non-contact silicon pressure sensor which is imported from USA. This precise sensor used in industrial control and aviation is semi-perpetual component. It can work for long in theory. Usually, its performance can not change for 5-8years.

Automatic intelligent working
AC9000 series electrolyte analyzer uses the newest embedded processor so that the whole course from test, calibration and monitor of electrode state is controlled by program.

Advanced and particular flow path design
AC9000 series electrolyte analyzer adopts particular flow path design technology. There are great differences with present two sorts. Firstly, it doesn’t use rotary distribution valve but use electromagnetic valve to control flow path; While the reliability of electromagnetic valve made standard is far higher than that of rotary distribution valve made by each instrument manufactory; Thus, the analyzer’s reliability is improved greatly. Besides, it doesn’t use the flow path that dividing Tco2 and ISE analysis into 2 independent paths but measure them respectively in one channel, thus, the flow path is simplified, reduces sample size and improves reliability. As adopt optimized cleaning program, its cross contamination is reduced to the lowest degree.

Independent and convenient sampling system
Presently, full-automatic sampling instrument has two types:
1. The built-in automatic sampling device and the instrument is an indivisible integer. This method requires user must choose full-automatic instrument which is complex to repair.
2. One accessorial sampling device is connected with original manual sampling device through pipeline. This method’s weaknesses is increases one pipeline during sampling, which increases cross contamination, thus, the instrument’s performance to decline.

Three measures for guaranteeing precision
1. It has to guarantee stability before guaranteeing precision. All electrodes are installed in aluminum alloy shielding box; Besides, AC9000 series is also specially equipped with sample earthing electrode to make electrode group work reliably and stably. Even in interferential condition, it can also measure exactly.
2. Adopt particular flow path design, which makes the route shortest and simplest. The whole pipeline adopts micro-porous caliber. The pipeline is washed in the methods of automatic calibration and manual calibration. In the analyzing method, it adopts intelligent end-point program to guarantee each measured data’s precision.
3. Adopt international calibration technology to correct gradient and intercept, particularly to correct the measurement result that is important to clinic. Besides, it also adopts special-purposed Q C analyze program to give an report including Average Value (X), Standard Deviation(SD), and Coefficient Variation (CV), which not only guarantees the measuring level in clinic sample and laboratory quality control, also is adapted for different manufactories QC products.

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