Blood Collector Monitor


REMI BCM-10 Ultra, A new generation portable blood mixer, ideally suited for blood collections in donation room as well as outdoor camps. Inbuilt key features along with microprocessor based controls ensure smooth & gentle mixing process, volume accuracy, precise monitoring of time & flow rate.

The user friendly features of BCM 10 Ultra help phlebotomist to have complete control on donation process, thus ensuring donor safety & comfort.


  • Precise control on volume collection (Microprocessor based system), best in class accuracy (deviation < 1%)
  • Automatic Counter Balancing
  • Automatic change over on battery mode in case of power failure (Battery Backup 10 hrs)
  • Pause facility to temporarily suspend the donation process
  • Gentle & smooth motorized clamping of blood bag tube prevents damage to the live blood cells
  • Broad base tray with non-slip surface accommodates all type of blood bags
  • Automatic release of the bag when lifted
  • Audio Visual Alarm
  1. Flow rate (< 20 ml/min or > 180 ml/min),
  2. Completion of collection
  3. Battery depletion
  • Visual Indication & Displays
  1. Set volume (ml)
  2. Actual volume (ml)
  3. Collection Process status (Run / Stop / Pause)
  4. Actual weight (gm)
  5. Flow Rate (ml/min)
  6. Time of collection (min)
  7. Battery status
  • Supplied with shoulder carry bag
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