CO2 Incubator

For many eukaryotic cell culture experiments, the D180-P air jacket CO2 incubator is utilized to grow and maintain tissue cultures and cell cultures. It is perfect for primary cells, common cell lines, stem cells, and embryos.
It is more dependable because it combines six-side air jacket heating technology with an accurate temperature and carbon dioxide concentration control system. A touchscreen controller with a curved display and automatic data recording for 7 days makes it possible for lab staff to conduct cell culture research successfully.
Additionally, the high-temperature sterilization at 140°C may get rid of any microbiological contamination, even heat-resistant bacillus.


Features & Benefits

Utilize the 140°C dry-heat sterilization program to reduce the chance of microorganism contamination while still efficiently maintaining the cleanliness of the internal atmosphere.
The interior atmosphere is both cleaner and more uniform thanks to the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter) and active air circulation system combo. Every minute, the HEPA filters the air in the chamber, bringing it within five minutes to a Class 100 level.
The interior is constructed of stainless steel that contains copper and has rounded corners for both easy cleaning and high bacterial resistance.

The time to target temperature is greatly decreased by the six-sided air jacket heating technique.
Compared to the TC sensor, the non-dispersive infrared sensor for carbon dioxide detection has a low drift rate and is quite accurate. 

The 7-inch touchscreen displays all the information and interactions, including temperature, CO2 concentration, operation log, and alarm records.
The 7-day changes in the incubator may be automatically tracked and shown in the curve. A USB drive can export data that is older than seven days and up to six months.
Users can change the maximum and lower alarm limitations thanks to customizable alarm settings.
Multiple system warnings can prevent the equipment from operating abnormally, protecting both personnel and priceless samples.


TemperatureControl & Range±0.1℃, 5°C above ambient to 50°C
Heating MethodAir jacket
Uniformity±0.3℃ @ 37℃
Alarm Setting±5°C
SensorPlatinum thermistor
Readability & Setability0.1℃
Sterilization Method140℃ dry heat sterilization
CO2 ConcentrationControl & RangeBetter than ±0.1% ; 0-20%
SensorHeat-resistant infrared (IR) sensor
Inlet Pressure1.0 bar (recommended)
Readability & Setability0.10%
Alarm Setting±1%



Humidity Pan Volume~3.8 L
Display1% RH
ShelvesDimensions47.0×47.0 cm
Surface Area (Standard & Max)214. 6 cm2 ; 220.7 cm2
Number (Standard & Max)3 ; 16



Size & Weight

Interior Volume175 L
Interior Dimensions51.0 (W) ×54.7 (D) ×67.5 (H) cm
Exterior Dimensions66.0 (W) ×67.0 (D) ×97.0 (H) cm
Net Weight110 kg (242.5 lbs)


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