The classic Cytobrush Plus Cell collector for endocervical sampling is excellent for nulliparous or menopausal women, or for collecting endocervical cells at conization. The gentle brush collects large amounts of cells that are easily transferred to slides for analysis.

Routine Cytology Post-treatment Cytology Chlamydia Culture For endocervical & vaginal smear testing. The spiral nylon brushes enable sufficient cell material be obtained for examination. Made of pliable plastic, with nylon bristles. Instruction: Insert Brush into Endocervical canal rotating gently clockwise/counter clockwise. Fix Immediately Caution: Single-use, discard after use. Do not enter endometrial cavity. Do not use in pregnancy. For chlamydia culture, autoclave brush.

Parts & Accessories
C0021Cytobrush Plus – 2 Bags, 500 Brushes each (1,000/Box)
C0004Cytobrush Plus – 10 Bags, 10 Brushes each (100/Box)
C0005Cytobrush Plus – 25 Bags, 100 Brushes each (2,500/Box)
C0012Cytobrush Plus Sterile, 1 Brush per Pouch (40/Box)
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