Cytospin Centrifuge


CS I and CS II centrifuges are a cost-effective alternative for monolayer cell preparation, providing consistent performance and user friendliness. The systems are equipped with an open or closed rotor for up to 12 loading positions which can be easily removed for external loading. Single or double sample chambers are available as disposable or reusable after proper cleaning. For a flexible use of the system a variety of sediment rotors are available on request. The CS II centrifuge is depending on the model equipped with cooling. 

Up to 10 memory programmes can be safed. Highlights Flexible selection and handling of rotors Cytocentrifugation open or closed (12 loading positions) Easily removable rotor for outside loading Large variety of rotors available (sediment, cytocentrifuge) CS II with optional cooling and up to 10 memory programmes Suitable consumables Cytofunnel single or double (reusable or disposable) Large volume ECOfunnel® (reusable or disposable) Filter cards Easy and safe handling Convenient preparation Slide clips applicable to reusable and disposable funnels Slide label readable at any time Indication of the RCF during centrifugation


for cytology
Sample type
for monolayer cells

6,000 rpm, 15,000 rpm (37,699.1 rad.min-1)


25 kg, 29 kg (55.1 lb)


37 cm, 400 cm (14.6 in)


26 cm, 350 cm (10.2 in)

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