H8 Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hemoglobin Analyzer
The fully automated H8 Hemoglobin Analyzer reports HbA1c result in 130 seconds with Hb variants recognization, providing the outstanding solution for quick and reliable diabetic monitoring. No sample preparation and walk-away operation. Samples with Hb variants can be in depth analyzed under β-Thalassemia program.
  • HPLC Technology – Gold standard methodology of HbA1c detection
  • Multifunctional – HbA1c mode and Thalassaemia mode on the same platform
  • Fully Automated – One click to start analysis, no sample preparation and walk-away operation
  • Dual Wavelength Detection – Eliminate the background signal interference
  • Degasser – Remove air bubbles in lines and maintain stable system pressure


Sample Loader10
Test Time
130sec/T for Variant mode
6mins/T for halassaemia mode
Report Items
Variant Mode: HbF, HbA1c, V-window (or S-window)
Thalassaemia Mode: HbF, HbA1c, HbA2, HbE/D/S/C 
CertificationNGSP & IFCC
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