Humidity Chamber

This tray is also suitable not only for routine staining requiring a humid chamber but is also ideal for Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories. Manipulation is made safe and easy by using only one hand.

  • The StainTray has a black base made of tough ABS plastic withstanding a wide range of chemicals (Avoid chlorinated hydrocarbons).
  • It will accept up to 20 slides on four plastic rails covered with a polymer strip to perfectly hold slides even if tray is held at an angle.
  • When humidity is needed, wells between rails will hold up to one ml of water securely without splashing.
  • Middle wells will hold up to 2 ml each.
  • Rails are raised not only to avoid water touching the slides but to make them more easily retrieveable.
  • The base will also hold excess stain solution dripping from the slides. Four rubber feet ensure greater base stability. Units are stackable for space saving purposes.


  • Size
    39.7(L) x 25.5(B) x 4(H)cm
  • Body Type


  • Dark lid for light sensitive stains
  • Can hold up to 24 slides
  • Acts as a humid chamber
  • Made with Tough & Unbreakable material
  • Ridges to keep the slides intact
  • Stackable for multiple staining protocols