Micro Centrifuge

Powerful and user-friendly MiniSpin® and MiniSpin® plus centrifuges are small enough to be installed as “personal” centrifuges at each workplace. To satisfy your performance needs, two models are offered. The speed of MiniSpin Plus is adequate for molecular biology separations.
The MiniSpin® and Centrifuge MiniSpin® plus tiny centrifuges make routine centrifugation operations simpler. Both provide a one-finger soft-touch lid closure for ergonomic lid locking and automated lid opening at the conclusion of the run to prevent sample warming and allow for simple sample access. The Centrifuge MiniSpin model produces speeds up to 12,100 x g, and the MiniSpin plus model offers speeds appropriate for molecular biology applications (up to 14,100 x g). Both variants are available to match your performance requirements.


12 1.5/2.0 mL vessels and two 8-tube PCR strips can fit inside the rotor.
Speed maximum: 14,100 g (14,500 rpm)
incredibly little footprint
Time between acceleration and deceleration: 13 s
convenient digital time and speed displays
Steel rotor bowl
Centrifugation is quick and comfortable with a separate short-spin key.
Achieving the best ventilation flow lowers heating and safeguards temperature-sensitive samples.
ergonomic lid locking with a soft-touch lid closure
Automatic lid opening at the conclusion of the run to avoid sample warming and to facilitate sample access
Unique characteristics of MiniSpin Plus
Automatic conversion of rpm to rcf
99 minutes added to the time limit or continuous centrifugation

Technical Data

SpecificationsMiniSpin®MiniSpin® plus
Max. RCF12,100 × g14,100 × g
Max. RCF with fixed-angle rotor12100 × g14100 × g
DisplayLCD LCD 
Speed800 – 13,400 rpm (100 rpm steps) 800 – 14,500 rpm (100 rpm steps) 
Rotors available
Max. capacity12 × 1.5/2.0 mL 12 × 1.5/2.0 mL 
Acceleration time1)13 s13 s
Deceleration time1)12 s12 s
Timer15 s – 30 min 15 s to 99 min, with continuous run function 
Noise level< 49 dB(A) <52 dB(A) 
Volume range24 mL 24 mL 
Power supply230 V, 50 – 60 Hz 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz 
Max. power consumption70 W85 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)22.5 × 23.0 × 13.0 cm / 8.86 × 9.06 × 5.12 in 22.5 × 23.0 × 13.0 cm / 8.86 × 9.06 × 5.12 in 
Weight w/o accessories3.7 kg / 8.16 lb 4.1 kg / 9 lb 
Height (with open lid)25 cm / 9.8 in 25 cm / 9.8 in 
Coolingnon-refrigerated non-refrigerated 

1)Acceleration and deceleration times may vary depending on rotor, load and voltage version.

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