Microplate Washer

An affordable and versatile microplate washer… Rayto has been at the forefront of microplate technology since their foundation. This knowledge and experience has been used to provide a range of class-leading microplate instrumentation at affordable prices.

Features and benefits

1. Fully automated washing – improves intra and interplate reproducibility and minimises the number of failed experiments

2. Fully flexible programming – up to 100 user-defined wash protocols and 10 plate types allows wash parameters to be optimised for all assays

3. Plate shaking and bottom washing features – increased wash stringency

4. Integrated valve system allows fully automated switching between up to three wash buffers for assay flexibility

5. Washes all standard flat, round and v-bottom 96 well plates

6. Monitoring of liquid levels – prevents spillage of potentially hazardous waste and alerts users when wash buffers run out

7. Blockages are minimized via a dedicated rinse bottle and an automatic rinse cycle.


Dimensions (mm)

L450 x W390 x H190 (excluding bottles)

Net weight

13 Kg

Residual volume

< 1 µl

Wash volume

10 – 3,000 ml

Wash cycles

Up to 99

Soak time

0 – 24 hours

Shake time

0 – 24 hours

Plate types

96 well flat, round and v-bottom

Bottle capacity

2 l

Supplied bottles

3 x wash and 1 x rinse


100 user-defined wash protocols, 10 plate types


5” LCD

Power supply

AC 110 / 220V ± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz


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