Orbital Shaker


Temperature Control & Range 0.1°C, ambient temperature to 50°C Heating TechniqueAir Jacket Uniformity 0.3 °C at 37 °C
Alarm Clock 5 °C
Platinum Thermistor Sensor Controller PID
Ability to Read and Write0.1℃
Sterilization Process Dry Heat Sterilization at 140°C
Control & Range of CO2 Concentrationsuperior to 0.1%; 0–20%
Sensor Heat-resistant infrared (IR) sensor Recommended Inlet Pressure of 1.0 bar
Uniformity ±0.3%
0.10% Readability & Setability
Alarm Setup 1%

Moisture pan Volume: 3.8 L; Indicator: 1% RH
Shelves Size 47.047.0 cm Surface Area (Minimum & Maximum)220.7 cm2 Number (Standard & Max) 3; 214. 6 cm2
Weight and Size
175 L Interior Volume
Dimensions of the interior: 51.0 (W) x 54.7 (D) x 67.5 (H) cm
exterior measurements66.0 (W) ×67.0 (D) ×97.0 (H) cm
Net Weight: 242.5 lbs/110 kg

Certifications: SGS, RoHS2
Accessories information: Platform accommodates: 6 standard or deepwell assay plates (more if stacking of plates is an option). Erlenmeyer flasks: 25×50 ml, 16×125 ml, 9×250 ml, 4×500 ml, 4×1 L or 1×2 L. Beakers: 36×50 ml, 25×100 ml, 16×250 ml, 9×400 ml or 4×1 L.



Delivery information: Shaker supplied with: Universal Hi-Lo platform with soft rubber edge bumpers, skid-free rubber platform mat, 8 bungee cord set, universal power adapter 110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, with 4 interchangeable plug types and five years warranty.


Speed (min-1)20 – 300 (1 min-1 increments)
Shaking motionOrbital
Max. load4,5 kg
Power18 W
Orbital Ø19 mm
Weight (kg)9,8
W×D×H (mm)314×197×310
Platform W×D279×279 mm
Electrical110 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
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