Audicom Electrolyte Analyzer

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Measuring item: K, Na, Cl, Ca, pH, TCO2
Calculating item AG, nCa, TCa

Measuring time Measuring time: 55s
Time for sampling, measuring, washing and printing: 90s
Sample size: 160uL
Data storage: 10000 Sample Reports
Communication Interface: 232
Automatic sampling 25-bit sampling system for option (20 samples, 2 QC, 1 emergency call, 1 washing)
Air bubble test: Yes
Alarm for waste liquid overflow: Yes
Alarm for standard liquid level: Option
Standard liquid level indicator lamp: Yes
Sample liquid level indicator lamp: Yes
Power supply: AC220V+/-22V 50Hz 50W
Size: 408mm x 390mm x 230mm
Weight: 10Kgwithout sampling system
Measuring method: ISE. TCO2 adopts pressure-measuring method.
Working condition Temperature: 10oC- 32oC
Relative humidity =<85%

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Reliable long-life electrode
Leadless assembled type ion-selective electrode made from imported materials is guaranteed for one year. Audicom is the first using overbooking of silver chloride electrode, which is eradicate the hidden dangers of early failure. All electrodes use particular full-closed technology so that electrode will not leak any more(particularly the reference electrode that is much easy to leak), which greatly improves electrode’s stability and prolongs its service life. Besides, electrode maintenance is finished automatically by instrument. This advanced technology is an important guarantee for Audicom electrode working in stable for long term, as well as for improving its life. Our electrode often works for more than 2 years or 5 years longer.

TCO2 electrode adopts non-contact silicon pressure sensor which is imported from USA. This precise sensor used in industrial control and aviation is semi-perpetual component. It can work for long in theory. Usually, its performance can not change for 5-8years.

Automatic intelligent working
AC9000 series electrolyte analyzer uses the newest embedded processor so that the whole course from test, calibration and monitor of electrode state is controlled by program.

Advanced and particular flow path design

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