Blood Bank Refrigerator

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The blood bank refrigerator can offer a highly accurate and stable temperature control environment, achieve quick cooling and silent operation, create a good environment for blood preservation, and extend the quality and safety period of blood and blood products. Ordinary refrigerators found in homes cannot match its temperature stability, uniformity, and great precision.

Blood preservation requirements include the following: 1. Whole blood and red blood cells should be refrigerated at 2 to 6 degrees Celsius; 2. Platelets should be stored at 20 to 24 degrees Celsius (while shaking); 3. Fresh frozen plasma should be stored at or below -20 degrees Celsius; 4. Cryoprecipitate should be stored at or below -20 degrees Celsius;
So, there is little issue with standard refrigerators if it is stored for a little period of time. Choose professional and categorized refrigerators for storage instead if it is for lengthy or extensive storage. In order to avoid cross-contamination, blood products cannot be combined with other substances.
BBR-4V160, BBR-4V250, and BBR-4V310 are available.

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Whole blood, red blood cells, biological products, vaccinations, specific reagents, etc. are all stored in blood bank refrigerators, which are specialized storage devices. This refrigerator, whose temperature is maintained at 4 °C, is frequently used in healthcare facilities, zoos, labs, electronics, chemical, and other businesses.


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