Microplate Incubator

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A microplate incubator designed for heating plates up to 70°C.  Ideal for solution incubation of ELISA plates (96-/384-well) and cell culture plates (24-/48-/96-well).


  • LCD displays set and actual temperature and time simultaneously
  • User friendly touch operation interface
  • Sleak design offers small footprint and easy cleaning
  • Heats microplates from top and bottom to ensure uniformity
  • Alarm signal after the operation ends

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  • 2 plate capacity
  • Maximum plate height: 35mm
  • 5°C above ambient to 70°C temperature range
  • Heating time: <25mins from 20-70°C
  • Timer: 99h 59m
  • <0.3°C accuracy
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Laboratory microplate incubator shakers can be a valuable piece of equipment in any laboratory, be it clinical, research or academic. Specifically designed for enzyme or cell-based assays, laboratory microplate incubator shakers help achieve consistent and reliable results. Some common applications may include DNA Hybridization, primer extension assays, denaturation of nucleic acids and proteins as well as ELISA assays. Some features to consider when purchasing a laboratory microplate incubator shaker are microplate capacity, speed (RPM) range, temperature range, display type and temperature uniformity. Be sure to also consider the footprint of the microplate incubator shaker chosen. For a large, high yield laboratory, some microplate incubator shakers can accommodate 9 microplates simultaneously. This can help increase productivity while insuring accurate and reliable results. A less complex, more affordable microplate incubator shaker can lend the same benefit to a smaller laboratory.


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