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Efficient Water Purification: The 750-watt heating element allows our home water distiller to produce up to 0.26 Gal (1 L) per hour and about 6 Gal per day. It can effectively dissolve solids, VOCs and other impurities, offering you the pure distilled water for drinking at ease. Apart from distilling water, it can be used to make alcohol and essential oil as well. Perfect for offices, homes, labs, dental clinics, etc.

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  • · Dual-Temperature Display: Our countertop water distiller is designed with a feature-rich control panel, displaying both the setting temp and actual temp. The setting temp ranges from 86℉/30℃ to 226.4℉/108℃. The considerate ℉/℃ switch button allows you to better monitor the distillation process according to your perception of temperature. Besides, from the comfort of the dry-burning protection, it will shut down automatically when the heating temp exceeds 302℉/150℃.
  • · Upgraded Timing Function: In additional to the conventional functions described above, our distilled water maker spotlights timing function. The 0-99 H timing range is ideal for constant temperature fermentation, perfectly meeting your needs of making alcohol, essential oil, and hydrosol. Plus, it is suggested to set 3.5 hours when distilling 1.1 Gal/4 L water. In this way, some water will remain at the bottom at the end of distillation, which can effectively reduce limescale.
  • · Selected Materials & Fast Heat Dissipation: All the parts that come into contact with water adopt food-grade 304 stainless steel, including the internal tank, inner cap, and water outlet. The 1.03 Gal/3.9 L glass carafe with silicone buffer won’t crack or break easily. It can store the distilled water longer than those plastic ones. A built-in 4-blade aluminum fan as well as the SUS 304 condensing coil is durable enough to ensure rapid heat dissipation and extended service life.


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