Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Semi-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer AMP Piccos II is a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer for simple, efficient and accurate performance of any photometric clinical chemistry test. Due to its versatility and flexibility the fields of application are multiple – either as a powerful multi-purpose clinical chemistry workstation in small laboratories or as a dedicated analyzer for less frequently performed specific analytes or as a back-up analyzer being on call 24 hours a day. 7 standard and 1 optional wave lengths protocols of all routine parameters pre-programmed simple adjustment according to individual requirements flow cell temperature controlled at 25°, 30° or 37°C graphic presentation of reaction and calibration curves results can be reported parameter or patient oriented enhanced quality control data management


  1. Back spectro photometry, 7 hard membrane filters, separate signal process circuit for each wavelength, filters select completed electronically, no mechanical movement
  2. Hermetic solid-state optical system, low contamination of dust and dampness, long life time of hard membrane filters
  3. Titanium alloy flow cell with small capacity and minimize cross-contamination
  4. 200000 patients test data and 300 test programs can be saved
  5. Adopt 7’’touch screen, 800×480pixels


Analysis method: kinetics, end point, two point
Light source: halogen lamp 10W/6V
Optical system: 340-800nm
7 standard filter:340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm wavelength, accuracy:±2nm
Abs range: 0.000-4.000Abs, resolution: 0.001Abs
Flow cell:titanium quartz alloy, 32uL; optical path: 10mm
Temperature:PELTIER elements,37℃, Room,±0.1℃
Precision:error<1%, drift<5mAbs/hr
Printer:thermal printer, 57mm width paper
Display: 7〃 touch screen,800×480 pixels
CPU:Samsung S5PV210, Cortex TM-A8, 1GHz
Memory:DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Flash: 4GB
Interface:3 USB ports ,1 RS232 serial port
Dimensions: 400(L)x290(W)x165(H)mm
Package Size490(L)*410(W)*300(H)mm
Power supply:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Language English