Urea/UA/Cr Meter

The goal of the renal function analysis meter is to measure uric acid (UA), creatinine (CR), and urea (UR) quantitatively in capillary blood, venous whole blood, plasma, and serum. The simple device comprises of a portable meter that examines the amount and hue of light reflected from a Test strip’s reagent area, providing prompt and precise results.
Results are provided by the Renal Function Analysis Meter. Up to 500 results and records can be stored in the Renal Function Analysis Meter. Battery charging can be used to power the meter.

     Built-in 1200mAh Li-ion battery and support long-endurance
     Use Bluetooth to sync data with phone and bluetooth printer conveniently
*Rapid Test

  Test result in 300 seconds
*Mobile Application
     Easy management onphone APPs
*Micro Specimen
     35 uL of whole blood (perpheraland venous human whole blood),plasma and serum
*Program Update
     Automatically update meter program to latest version

To Ensure Accurate Result

•Read instructions carefully and complete any necessary training before use.
• Use the code chip that is included in each box of test strips.
• Only use the Renal Function test strips with the Renal Function Analysis Meter.
• For in vitro diagnostic use only. Renal Function Analysis Meter is only to be
used outside the body for testing purposes.
• For professional use.
• Keep out of reach of children


MethodologyReflectance Photometer
Measurement RangeUA:0.090 mmolL~1.200 mmol/L(1.51 mg/dL~20.17 mg/dL)
CR:0.044 mmolL~1.320 mmol/L(0.50 mg/dL~14.93 mg/dL)
UR:0.90 mmolL~40.00 mmol/L (5.41 mg/dL~240.2 mg/dL)
Specimenwhole blood(capillary and venous ),plasma and serum
Power Source1200mAh built-in lithium battery
Battery EnduranceAfter cycle charge 300 times,electric quantity reduce 30%
Units of Measurementmmol/L, mg/dL
Memory500 records
Automatic Shut Off5 minutes after last use


Meter Size135*66*19mm(L*W*H)
Meter Storage Conditions0-55°C;≤ 90% RH
System Operating Conditions10-35°C; s 90% RH ;height <seal-level 2000m
Test strip Storage Conditions2~30C;≤ 90% RH
Warranty Period2 years
Meter Shelf Life4 years
Test Strip Shelf Life1 years