Water Distiller

Product Dimensions25L x 37W x 25H Centimetres
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity4 liters
Purification methodDistillation
Item weight3.2 Kilograms

In 5.5 hours, this distiller produces 1 gallon of pure steam distilled water. High grade 304 stainless steel makes up the condensing coils, upper cover, and boil chamber. Additionally made of stainless steel, the body’s exterior shell is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely robust. It has a glass collection bottle with a convenient top that can be removed. It couldn’t be simpler to distill your own water; just add water to the boil chamber and start the machine. The distiller will automatically turn off at the end of the cycle.
Included are:
Body Glass Collection Bottle with Porcelain Nozzle for the Top Condensing Unit Distiller Insert 6 filters from a package of activated charcoal sachets (about a six-month supply).
8oz Main Power Cord, Cleaner for Boil Chamber Remainder

Distillation Process
Simply add water to the Megahome distiller and click the reset button. Your distiller will then heat the water to 212 degrees (boiling point), killing any bacteria, parasites, and other harmful organisms. Impurities are left behind as steam rises, entering stainless steel cooling coils where it is cooled and condensed back into pure water. When your distiller is finished distilling, it will turn itself off.

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