Bio SB Tinto Stainer

Uses unique barcoding technology.Open system…use the reagents from any supplier.Comes bundled with Bio SB installation, training and supportAbove: Barcoded reagent loaded into Bio SB TintoStainer. The TintoStainer is an open platform, allowing user to program in reagents from any supplier

TintoStainer ComponentsTintoStainer Unit (36, 48, or 72 Slide System)Reagent Barcode PrinterCPU InterfaceSlide Barcode Printer

General procedure: The process is the same for all models. Unhook all hoses and cables and pack all components in their boxes. Immobilize the Z-Head and arm. Attach wood sled to the Autostainer. Slide Autostainer into crate and bolt down. Put component boxes into crate. Replace front side of Crate and install all spring clips to secure the crate

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