HBA1C Meter

About A1C EZ 2.0 Analyzer

With A1C EZ 2.0 analyzer healthcare professionals can be assured that they are getting the accuracy reliability and cost efficiency they need to screen patients at risk of diabetes or to evaluate diabetes situation and give related therapeutic regimen .


  • Because of its unique handheld size A1C EZ 2.0 is extremely suitable for various primary medical care institutions thus greatly improving the diabetes screening and management conditions of people nearby.
  • Product Specifications
  • 1.Unique handheld size
  • 2.Voice prompt in whole process
  • 3.1000 data storage
  • 4.Bluetooth (optional)/Mini USB data transfer
  • 5.Support to connect external printer
  • 6.Dry chemical reagent strip of nanotechnology
  • 7.18 months storage at room temperature
  • Standard Package Content
  • 1 Analyzer 4 AAA Batteriesnot include
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Operation Guide
  • 1 Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
  • 1 Warranty Card