Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzers

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To make these products handier for the users, the different models of chemistry analyzers are incorporated with an array of advanced features. The significant features one can find in the fully automated chemistry analyzer, Roche Hitachi 717 include:

  • Throughput around 600 photometric tests per hour
  • Non-linear data reduction
  • Positive sample ID
  • In-process quality control analysis capability
  • Refrigerated storage capacity
  • Multi-tray programming capability
  • Sample capacity of 60 samples per tray
  • Provides top performance
  • Delivers higher precision output rather quickly

Besides, the different models are also provided with random access capabilities, controls, reagents and consumables as well.

Benefit from the Services of Reliable Distributors

For purchasing fully automated chemistry analyzers for your clinical laboratory, it is important to find reliable distributors offering quality services. They can provide assistance in selecting a chemistry analyzer that would best suit your research specifications and budget limits.

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Fully automated chemistry analyzers are used for carrying out a range of diagnostic functions, such as routine analysis of albumin, creatinine, glucose, bilirubin, and inorganic phosphorus. These are also used for conducting assays for evaluating thyroid function, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse and more. Fully automated chemistry analyzers enable to perform diverse research functions at a faster rate and provide results within a minimum span of time.

For satisfying the research requirements of modern clinical laboratories, different models of chemistry analyzers from renowned manufacturers including Alfa Wassermann, Awareness Technology, Roche Diagnostics, Beckman and others are now available in the industry. The popular models include STAT FAX 4500 chemistry analyzer, Alfa Wassermann ACE, Roche Hitachi 717, and Bayer Express 550 Plus.

Incorporated with Advanced Functionalities


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